About us

JD Pro Marine is a company of import and export specialised in the pruchase and the resale of items and furniture of marine decoration, dated from the 17th century to nowadays.

For more than 15 years we have visiting building sites in the whole world to select and buy the old parts. We take care they are dismounted, cleaned and restored in the “code of practice”. We do control all the stages of disassembling to the routing of the goods in our warehouse in France. That’s why our prices are very competitive today.

Our specialists seek :

- Old parts of private collection (scientist instruments, diving helmets, marine picture).
- Destockings of National Marines or Maritime Companies (instruments of navigation, fitting, etc.).
- Interesting parts coming from the dismantling shipyards (liner furniture, ships lanterns, portholes, etc.).

Who purchase :

- Private individual, amateurs or collectors.
- Decorators, interior designers, antique dealers, museums or hotels and restorers eager to recreate a very particular atmosphere on the set of themes of the sea.