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Catalogs, product listings and flyers are not contractual and can be modified, except by express agreement of the parties, these terms are only applicable to the relationship between the parties. Any ordering implies full and unreserved buyer to these terms and conditions.

JD Production reserves the right to claim full payment for the order, except by prior agreement and acceptance of JD Power Generation, The cancellation of an order by the customer makes it liable to pay compensation set at twenty five percent (25% ) the amount of the order. Where appropriate, the allowance is supplemented to the expenses already incurred, plus the shortfall JD Production.



The invoice price is the price inclusive of JD Production at the date of order (with VAT recoverable for professionals). If the sale was preceded by a quote, the validity of the price that is mentioned is limited to one month after the establishment of the quotation.

The shipping costs will be invoiced according to the agreements entered into by the parties.



The payment will be cash, except by prior agreement and acceptance of JD Power Generation, by check, bank transfer or cash.

Any failure to pay within the agreed timeframe puts the interests of right of delays as a penalty an amount equal to that resulting from applying the full amount outstanding to two (2) times the rate of legal interest



The information provided by JD Production on the existence of a restoration or accident affecting the object are expressed to facilitate the evaluation by the potential purchaser and remains his personal opinion. No indication of a restoration of an accident on the item description, does not imply that is free of any current, past or repaired. Conversely, the indication of any default does not imply the absence of any other defects.

The dimensions are indicative only.

Visits to the warehouse, by appointment, are of course easier, alternatively, additional information, photos other than those shown may be requested by the recipient, allowing him to realize the state of items for sale.

The withdrawal of the goods may be made either on warehouse by the buyer himself or through a carrier. There will be no claim allowed once the object shipped or removed.



For your convenience, JD Production is likely to propose solutions for transportation or shipment to the buyer. Transport costs remain the sole responsibility of the purchaser and under his responsibility.

The products sold are always at risk of the customer from their care by the carrier. The delivery or performance is given as indicative and not binding, it is reckoned from receipt of customer order. Delays in delivery or performance can not justify the cancellation of the order, the damages related to this pattern are excluded in all cases. If they remain in storage locations due to the client, JD Production may, without prior notice, claim reimbursement of storage costs without reimbursement changes the conditions for transferring property defined elsewhere. Partial deliveries are possible, they are made as and when possible.

The customer has the obligation to verify compliance and good condition of the goods from the provision or receipt, Customer must within 48 hours, make reservations and to exercise all possible complaints against the transport in case of damage, loss Total or partial or missing. The Customer alone bears the consequences of a lack of complaint, limitation of action or any negligence on this point. Claims for quantity, products or services non-conforming because of JD Production is only valid if they are worded and written with JD Production in the eight days of delivery or provision. After this period, any action for non-compliance is required.



In case of force majeure or events beyond its control, should an event preventing, delaying or impeding the transport, supply disruption, JD Production obligations are suspended and delays pushed up to the duration of case of force majeure or events listed above. This suspension is not eligible for damages.



In the case where the failure would force the client JD Production by an agency dispute the recovery of debt, they find themselves plus an allowance set at 12% of their total taxes. This increase is established as a penal clause in accordance with articles 1225 and 1152 of the Civil Code.



All goods and products delivered remain the property of JD production until full payment of the price that only effects the transfer of ownership. Bills of exchange are regarded as payments only upon actual receipt. In case of refusal to pay forty-eight hours after the notice was unsuccessful, JD Production reserves the right to terminate the sale and request the return of goods delivered.



Will only expertise in the event of litigation of any kind, with disputes relating to the formation or execution of the order, and whatever the place of delivery, method of payment, even in cases of appeal or plurality defendants, the Tribunal de Commerce de Grasse (06), unless the seller prefers not to take any other jurisdiction.